My unique life experiences 
have produced my tenacity, 
grit and drive to succeed.

I grew up in a suburb of Houston called Missouri City also known as Mo’City. My dad was a loud Chinese man with an east Texas accent who loved dove hunting, playing softball and spending time with his daughters. My sweet and caring mother raised us with her same creative spirit. In many ways, we had a Chinese upbringing: supportive, but with tough love.

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I dedicated 14 years of my life to the sport of gymnastics and sacrificed a “normal” adolescence. The life of an elite gymnast is both mentally and physically demanding and requires the highest level of discipline and perseverance. My hard work paid off: I earned a college scholarship to a D1 university in California and was well on my way to becoming an Academic All-American my freshman year. My dream was short-lived, however, when my dad was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer and my mom contracted the West Nile Virus. My dad lost his battle with cancer 8 weeks after being diagnosed and I did not return to gymnastics. 

At 19, I saw and felt mortality–and regret. I told myself I could either be a victim of these circumstances, or I could be a survivor. That’s when I resolved to get everything I possibly can out of this life, on my own terms.

I made my way to Austin to attend the University of Texas (my dad's alma mater). I used the $500 in my bank account to get my real estate license my junior year. After my first little $800/month rental deal, I was hooked (maybe even obsessed). I knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and I LOVED the hustle.  From a young age my mom told me I needed to be financially independent. "Never depend on a man or anyone for money," she would say. But I didn't grow up learning how to invest. I was told to work hard and save money and be frugal. So I made it my mission to educate myself. I found great mentors, put myself in rooms with smart people and made a variety of investments. Over the last 15+ years, I've closed over 100 investment deals. This experience along with education and strategic planning is how I help my clients build wealth and long-term financial stability. Empowerment through education is my passion.

My Real Estate Philosophy

Buy With Confidence

As the top 1% of Realtors and over 15 years of experience, I put myself ahead of the pack by creating personalized, strategic buying plans for each of my clients. I learn about your goals to curate the lifestyle you desire and place you in a community that feels like home. My passion for market intel means I take everything into consideration: market trends, neighborhood and property analysis, future developments, rezoning, transportation--you name it. My data-driven approach helps you feel confident about your purchase.

Sell With Confidence

You want a Realtor who can perform and deliver on their promises. Do what you say and mean what you say is my motto. My selling and marketing strategy is uniquely curated to each property. I take into consideration a multitude of factors such as off-market comparables, buyer psychology, market timing, functionality of space and neighborhood features. With my extensive network of brokers, vendors and white glove service, I coordinate everything that is needed to market and sell the home for the highest value. Through transparent communication and setting expectations, my clients are able to plan their next move around the sale of their home with ease.

INVEST With Confidence

Growing up I was taught to save money, not how to invest it. My desire to learn and eagerness to have financial freedom took me on a journey that has now become my passion and life’s work. As a real estate investor myself and working with hundreds of real estate investors, I have learned what works and doesn’t work first hand. My investment consulting is supported by a continuation of in-depth research, personal experiences and local market knowledge as well as a network of trusted vendors and financial models. Whether you are a seasoned investor wanting to add to your portfolio or a first timer, working with me is one of the best investments you can make in your pursuit of financial freedom and your wealth building goals.

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