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October 10, 2023

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Zoning laws are subject to change due to CodeNext. This blog was written in 2018

Everything you need to know about zoning is on the City of Austin website and this zoning guide. I’ve highlighted the basic information you need to know with links for more in-depth descriptions.

To find out the zoning for a particular property, put the address into the GIS Property Profile Map. Using the drawing tool to measure lot width and setbacks.

This zoning chart below will tell you the residential uses allowed for each zoning type.

zoning chart

Single Family Zoning

SF-3 – Single Family. This is by far the most typical zoning in Austin. The minimum lot size for SF-3 is 5750 square feet. If the lot is zoned SF-3 and is 7000 square feet are more you can build a duplex in most neighborhoods.

SF-2 – This is a more restricted single family zoning. Basically the minimum lot size is 10,000 instead of 5750. The city basically doesn’t want intense use on this lot. It’s likely the lot is in an environmentally sensitive area like the edwards aquifer recharge zone.

SF-4 – This is kind of the opposite of SF-2. The minimum lot size here is 3,600. The city has decided that they want intense use on the land. This zoning is usually seen close to the city center and is intended to increase population density in certain areas.

single family zoning

SF-3 – pg 16 of zoning guide

  • Lot size 5750 sqft -7000 sqft = 1 house or a house plus ADU
  • ADU = 1100 sqft or .15 FAR whichever is smaller
  • ADU = cannot be attached to the principal structure and must be at least 10ft to the rear or side of the principal structure (or above garage)
  • Maximum height for ADU = 30ft
  • Lot size greater than 7000 sqft = 1 house, house +ADU or duplex

*city prohibits type 2 short term rental for ADUs. Type 1 short-term rental is maximum of 30 days per year.

For more info about Two-Family Residential Use click here

For a duplex residential use:

  • the minimum lot area is 7,000 square feet;
  • the minimum lot width is 50 feet;
  • the maximum height is 30 feet;
  • the maximum building coverage is 40 percent
  • the maximum impervious coverage is 45 percent.

For more duplex information click here

***SF3 means you can build a house + ADU or a duplex. However, you must read through the deed restrictions (your title rep can get those quick) of each individual neighborhood because some neighborhoods are zoned SF3 but do not allow duplexes, but will allow ADU’s.

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