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Crestview & Brentwood

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Bounded by three lively streets, Lamar, Burnet and Anderson Lane, is this vibrant neighborhood known as Crestview and Brentwood. The Crestview MetroRail station offers a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation, connecting residents to downtown, Domain, the east side and beyond. Developed in the 1940s, the area consists of mid-century ranch homes, original bungalows and new construction houses. Iconic landmarks like Top Notch Burgers and LaLa’s dive bar give authenticity to an ever changing Austin landscape. Crestview has experienced revitalization, with new businesses infusing fresh energy into the neighborhood. These developments harmonize with the area's established character, ensuring a seamless blend of tradition and progress. Known for local antique shops, boutiques, cafes and some of the best restaurants in Austin. In essence, Crestview is a neighborhood where the old and the new coalesce to create an inviting and dynamic community.


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