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Kissing Tree

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Nestled in the charming city of San Marcos, the Kissing Tree neighborhood presents a unique blend of active living and serene surroundings. There really just used to be one option for adult living in Austin and surrounding areas and that was Sun City in Georgetown. Kissing Tree is the greatest new addition! You’ll find it’s catered to those seeking a more relaxed pace without compromising on lifestyle amenities. Kissing Tree's appeal lies in its focus on active adult living, offering an array of recreational facilities such as a golf course, fitness center, and social clubs to foster a vibrant sense of community. Still, just 40 minutes north, you can access the vibrant cultural scene of Austin beckons, with its renowned music venues, diverse dining options, and eclectic arts festivals. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the proximity to the San Marcos River and numerous hiking trails. Kissing Tree is an embodiment of San Marcos's small-town charm and its commitment to providing an enriching lifestyle for its residents.


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