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Nestled along the bustling I-35 corridor, 30 miles to the south of Austin and 50 miles to the north of San Antonio, lies the vibrant city of San Marcos. Home to Texas State University, this town is constantly infused with youthful energy. San Marcos has garnered numerous accolades in the past decade, making top 10 lists for "Best Place to Raise your Kids," “the fastest-growing city in the United States,” and "10 Most Exciting Small Cities In America.” The heart of the city beats with a thriving artistic and cultural scene. Downtown San Marcos serves as a focal point for local artists and musicians, with an array of galleries, live music venues, and dynamic events year-round. San Marcos is a place of many faces. It's the quintessential college student, hardworking but budget-conscious, attending incredible music acts in the lively Square. It's also the savvy real estate investor seizing opportunities with ultra-affordable rental properties. The charming ranch-style homes on quiet streets are cherished by long-time retired residents. And, undoubtedly, there's the summertime visitor, arriving to partake in the river float, usually leaving with a sunburn and a memorable hangover. In San Marcos, diversity and vibrancy coexist to create a unique and dynamic community.


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